When the Church seeks to make people productive members of society by encouraging them to be externally attractive; we are failing miserably at being bearers of Gospel freedom. We do not serve a J. Crew messiah.

Throwback to the undefeated Highland Yankees. #tbt #indiana #baseballdidntstick #icansports

Throwback to the undefeated Highland Yankees. #tbt #indiana #baseballdidntstick #icansports

What Breaks My Heart Is When You Don't Hear Mine.


I’ve always had trouble approaching someone with a fragile ego, because I know if I say anything disagreeable or honest, they’ll defend themselves like crazy with a million excuses or throw insults or throw things off the desk or make ugly-cry-face and cut me off for a month.

I know this because…

Perfectly said.


He died for our life; so that by him fury is made gentle, wrath appeased, darkness turned into light, fear reassured, despisal despised, debt canceled, labor lightened, sadness made merry, misfortune made fortunate, difficulty easy, disorder ordered, division united, ignominy ennobled, rebellion subjected, intimidation intimidated, ambush uncovered, assaults assailed, force forced back, combat combated, war warred against, vengeance avenged, torment tormented, damnation damned, the abyss sunk into the abyss, hell transfixed, death dead, mortality made immortal.

In short, mercy has swallowed up all misery, and goodness all misfortune.

John Calvin
"When I thought God was hard, I found it easy to sin; but when I found God so kind, so good, so overflowing with compassion, I smote upon my breast to think that I could ever have rebelled against the One who loved me so, and sought my good."
Charles Spurgeon
"One of the marks of a truly maturing Christian is that we begin to love the things God loves, and to want the things God wants, and to hate the things God hates. In this regard, the law guides us as well, and it guides us wisely. It tells us what God wants and who God is. Yes, the law is good."
Tullian Tchividjian

I am completely in love with this band’s new album.


We struggle as we do with sin–the same struggle Paul speaks of in Romans 7–because the sin remaining in us is angry over having been overthrown. It continues its ruthless assaults, employing a guerrilla warfare strategy to continually resist God’s new governing authority in and over us.

But amid this raging conflict, Paul wants us to emphatically embrace this fact: We’re no longer sin-centered at our core. At our core, we’re now God-centered.

Tullian Tchividjian
"It is not imitation that makes sons; it is sonship that makes imitators"
Martin Luther

The two defining marks of the Christian life: How we love and how we suffer.


"Sometimes when you hear an awesome testimony, read certain Christian books, or see the way another person sings in worship service, it’s easy to become discouraged. Why can’t I have a faith like that? Am I doing it wrong? Do I really get it? What am I missing?

This is a losing game … So much of church relies on emotionalism and “feeling God,” so when we no longer feel God, we think something is wrong with us. The truth is: the Bible never calls us to continually duplicate our highs. We’re called to remember the Most High in our lows.

If you tried to have a wedding every day of your marriage, it would get exhausting. Preachers often try to do this to you in church, and this is why we keep hitting a dead end. Churches try to whip up a sacred moment out of thin air, but instead should really be reminding us of the reality that Jesus is present in both our mountaintops and valleys."
J.S. from this post (via jspark3000)
"To think that before the hills were formed, or the channels of the sea were scooped out, God loved me; that from everlasting to everlasting His mercy is upon His people. Is not that a consolation?"
Charles Spurgeon (via craigtowens)
The Osteens’ Donald Sterling Moment

While it’s indefensible that Ms. Osteen spent 37 seconds preaching her recent nonsense, I’d rather see the Osteen kingdom come toppling down because it spent countless hours not preaching the King of Kings.

Do yourself a favor and watch this.